Doorstep Banking Charges and Services In India

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Doorstep Banking Charges and Services In India is one of the dream projects in making India Digital. Minister of Finance of India Nirmala Sitharaman on 09.09.2020 launched doorstep banking services for public sector banks to provide convenient banking service to customers.

What is doorstep banking? Doorstep Banking Meaning is all banking services at your doorstep, in other words, Home Delivery of Banking Services.

Public Sector banks made alliances and developed an umbrella set up to provide doorstep banking services to their customers. This initiative was taken after making an alliance of public sector banks under EASE 3.0 banking reforms. 

Doorstep Banking Service in India

Features of doorstep banking:

  1. Doorstep Banking Charges: These services can be availed by customers of Public Sector Banks at nominal charges. 
  2. The services shall benefit all customers. For instance, this doorstep banking for senior citizens and physically handicapped customers.
  3. Doorstep Banking Service part of the EASE 3.0 Reforms and provided to provide the convenience of banking services to the customers at their doorstep through the universal Interaction of Call Centre, Web Portal or Mobile App. 
  4. Customers track their service requests through these channels. In the beginning, only non-financial services vis-a-vis pick up of negotiable instruments (cheque/demand draft/pay order, etc.). Pick up new cheque book requisition slip, request for account statement, delivery of non-personalized cheque book, delivery of pre-paid instrument/gift card and others are available to customers.
  5. Financial services will be made available from October 2020. 

Doorstep Banking Charges

Transaction TypeChatgesGSTTotal
Cash depositRs 75/-18%Rs. 89/-
Cash payment/withdrawalRs 75/-18%Rs. 89/-
Pick up of Cheque/InstrumentRs 75/-18%Rs. 89/-
Pick up of Cheque Book Requisition SlipRs 75/-18%Rs. 89/-

Features Of Doorstep Banking – The limits for cash transactions are as follows:

  • Cash pick up (Deposit) : Per day One Transaction allowed.
  • Per Transaction cash limit (maximum) – Rs 20,000
  • Per Transaction cash limit (minimum) – Rs 1,000
  • Cash Delivery (Withdrawal) : Per day One Transaction allowed
  • Per Transaction cash limit (maximum) – Rs 20,000
  • Per Transaction cash limit (minimum) – Rs 1,000
  • Above all transaction by dsb agents.


  • Pick up of cheque/draft/pay order etc.
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Pick up new cheque book requisition slip
  • Acceptance of 15G/15H forms
  • TDS/form 16 certificate issuance
  • Issuing standing instructions
  • Submission of Digital Life Certificate

As SBI is largest lender in Market following are some features and Doorstep Banking sbi Charges

  • Registration done at the Base Branch.
  • Doorstep Banking Services should be made only at the base Branch.
  • Cash withdrawal and Cash deposit is restricted to Rs 20,000/-per transaction per day.
  • Doorstep banking charges by sbi per visit for Non-financial transactions is Rs 60/+GST and Rs100+GST for financial transactions.
  • Withdrawal will be permitted using cheque / withdrawal form with Passbook.
  • The delivery would be completed on a best effort basis but not later than T+1 working day (holidays excluded).
  • sbi doorstep banking for senior citizens charges is same as above.

Reserve Bank of India suggested Doorstep banking a few years ago. Now public sector lenders mean public sector banks came together and appointed a common service provider to handle this for all their customers.

Doorstep banking services for senior citizens are available in the first phase itself, similarly for the disabled who found it difficult to visit branches. In view of the spread of the pandemic all over the globe.

Senior citizens aged 70 and physically handicapped persons can get doorstep banking facilities all over India despite the lockdown.

However, as per doorstep banking rbi guidelines, banks can offer picking of cash and other instruments and drop of demand drafts as well.

In addition to these facilities, Loan products may also be added to these services.

Additionally Check if this facility is available in your area start your doorstep banking registration: Doorstep Banking Portal

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